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Corrina can work both digitialLy and traditionally but tends to favour the traditional methods of hand painting.

"Modern technology is truly a wonder, but I find there is something magical about a hand painted piece of art, you are seeing a tiny glimpse into someone's soul and that to me is very special"

She tends to favour watercolours, inks and coloured pencils for her medium of choice however she has experimented with pretty much all the mediums out there and confident with most, so can work in any style. Click here to see some of Corrina's other artwork showing all the different mediums she has played with over the years...


Book a discovery call with Corrina to find out more about the process of illustrating and how to publish a childrens book


Pricing varies greatly depending on the complexity of the designs. To give you a very rough idea of how much things cost please find some samples below and click the image to see the price. A more accurate price can be given after a discovery call with Corrina.


It can take anything between four to six months to produce a fully illustrated book. Corrina can squeeze in the odd single illustration or artwork request, please allow up to three weeks for one off requests. 

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